Clinical Evidence

Circularity has assembled a Scientific Advisory Board (click for partial list) that includes domestic and international medical thought-leaders in the field of diabetic relief, wound healing, microvascular physiology, neurobiology, endocrinology, amputation prevention, vascular surgery, cardiovascular physiology, and others.

D’OXYVA has been reviewed, studied, and used at prestigious institutions around the world such as Penn State University, Florida State University, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Airlangga University, Chulalongkorn University, University of Szeged, National Taipei University and others. 

Improved oxygen-rich microcirculatory tissue perfusion is widely reported in published clinical research to improve physiological processes that lead to significant health benefits and clinical outcomes. These include, but are not limited to chronic, burn, trauma wound and tissue healing and repair, boosting athletic performance, stamina, sleep quality, fading spider and varicose veins while aiding in skin health, and much more

D’OXYVA has recorded instant, outsized, and sustained improvements of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the brain, enhanced tissue perfusion and blood circulation in macro-, and microcirculation, chronic wound closure and balanced blood pressure in controlled human clinical trials (Phase I to III).

D’OXYVA is a Non-Invasive Transdermal Delivery (NTD), Non-Significant Risk (NSR) device, and Circularity Healthcare is conducting high-quality, cutting-edge clinical trials with leading institutions, researches, and health practitioners around the world to establish evidence for a wide variety of scientific and clinical outcomes with D’OXYVA. Please contact us to participate in Circularity’s Center of Excellence (COE) program.


  • D’OXYVA improved microcirculation (Skin Perfusion Pressure) in a statistically significant manner in 100% of subjects by about 15-100% from absolute baseline (median over 40%).
  • Improvement in blood flow peaked uniformly within 1 hour after a single 5-minute delivery on their thumb, and subsequently lasted for over 4 hours.
  • 100% of enrolled subjects responded positively without adverse events after being monitored for a year after the study.

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